Buzz From The Boards: Weird Sleeping Habits

couples sleeping habits Photo: Veer

From the cuddlers to the blanket hogs, every couple’s sleep style is totally different. Nesties told us how they’re catching their zzz’s next to their partner (and we were right, there are some blanket snatchers out there!):

“I have ‘my side [of the bed]’ and my husband sleeps diagonal or on me … And we share blankets until my husband rolls over and takes them.” – Sewilson33

“I have to sleep near a door. I think I was traumatized at a sleepover when I was a kid … About blankets, we share sheets and a comforter, but my husband has to have a soft blanket on him when he falls asleep. He just mindlessly rubs the edge of the blanket. He has done it since he was a baby.” – poppies717

“[We have our own sides of the bed] mostly because we each have a night stand full of stuff that is ours. But my husband insists on a certain side of the bed no matter where we are. We share blankets but I have my own little blankie to wrap myself up in.” – wiggyslilsis

“We each have our own side [of the bed] and own blanket. We used to share but my husband would always pull it off of me and waking up cold is not fun.” – lulubunny1

“My husband is always closest to the door. How else would he protect me from an intruder? Once he leaves in the morning I go diagonal with my head on his side. I have a blanket my grandma made me that I have to have.” – blueeyedblossom

“I’m always on whatever side the beside table is on so I can find my glasses in the morning witout wandering around half blind or crawling over my husband. We have separate blankets.” – arj14

“No matter where we are, I’m on the left [side of the bed]. We do share blankets, but we had to buy a king size for our queen bed in order to do so (I like to cocoon myself).” – iwalktheline

“We have sides – I sleep on my side, and he sleeps on… My side! Not kidding. I sleep on the left and he sleeps left-middle. There is an entire half of the bed for the dog.” – zamboni00 

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