5 Holiday Entertaining Tips from The Fashionable Hostess

Hosting the holidays can be incredibly rewarding…and incredibly stressful. Not only are you in charge of feeding your family, friends and those hard-to-please in-laws, but you’re expected to serve everything up with a smile (when you’d much rather pull your hair out). Luckily, we spoke with The Fashionable Hostess herself, Amanda Gluck, who shared her top tips for pulling off the ultimate holiday dinner (without a hitch).

holiday hostessing tips

holiday hostessing tipsGet Creative with Decorations

There’s no need to spend your entire paycheck on expensive decorations and floral arrangements. Instead, pick up extra pumpkins, squash and corn on your next trip to the grocery store. For an even cheaper alternative, pick up acorns, fall leaves and branches on your way home. Then, take all of these pieces and place them in clusters on your table, in your entry way or on your mantel.

holiday hostessing tips

Cook & Prep Accordingly
Ideally, you should only have to pop things in the oven on the day of your dinner, so prep everything the night before. And remember to prepare more food than you’d think! You can always count on your one random cousin who thinks it’s fine to bring a plus one. (Hint: It’s not.)

holiday hostessing tips

Set up a Bar
Create a bar or drink station so dinner guests can help themselves upon arrival. You may not be mixing up your signature cocktail, but it sure beats refilling glasses all night.

holiday hostessing tips
holiday hostessing tips

Prepare for Spills
There are bound to be spills at some point in the party, so have cleaning supplies ready and close by. Keep fun, festive cocktail napkins close; and for bigger spills, keep paper towels and a mop handy.

holiday hostessing tips

Set the Mood
Cinnamon candles and soft holiday music are the final two touches you need. Just make sure to pick a playlist that everyone will like (sorry, Miley fans).

–Amanda, The Fashionable Hostess (follow her on Instagram at @fashionablehostess)

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