Buzz From The Boards: “Marriage Isn’t For You” Reactions

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A newlywed husband recently admitted to the world that marriage isn’t for him. (Yes, you read that right.) While his reasoning and conclusion shocked all who read his story, we were more intrigued by the reactions readers had to share. Check out our seven favorite responses to ‘Marriage Isn’t For You’ below:

“It is a nice refresher to what marriage really is. It’s not selfish; it’s about the other person. I love it.” – smbenevides1989

“What I took away from it is that you shouldn’t be viewing marriage like a business deal. I especially liked the Walmart metaphor.” – Janessadawn

“Newlyweds shouldn’t act like they have it all figured out.  It’s great that this has worked for you for a year or two.  Talk to me in ten or fifteen.  See if you’re still feeling fulfilled by always putting someone else ahead of you.” – Kimbus22

“This idea is basic and not new or revolutionary. I think it comes down to loving the other person so much that it makes you happy to make them happy, and for it to work long term, the reverse has to be true.” – amyjoy18

“I hate that the author talked to his father because he was really having second thoughts about getting married, and he was basically told ‘get over yourself.’ If more people listened to the voice in their head when they had cold feet, maybe the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high… Your conscience is usually right, if you just give it a chance.” – Mrs.Rad888

“I think it is ridiculous. I’m so sick of all this stuff lately! You should be getting married for both of you. Sounds ridiculous to me to say that it’s all for the other person. It’s a partnership and it should be something for both of you.” – Luckystar2

“When you enter a marriage your life is no longer about just YOU anymore…I get that part.  But is it ALL about them?  No, of course not.  And I don’t expect my husband to think that either, and push aside his own happiness and focus solely on mine.” – egpitt22

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