Buzz From The Boards: Small Romantic Gestures

small romantic gestures Photo: Thinkstock

Whether it’s a sweet voice mail, an unexpected text or the occasional (okay, frequent) sext — it’s the little things that really add up in a relationship. Want to see how your husband’s romantic gestures stack up compared to others? Read on as Nesties share the one thing their partner does that really makes them blush:

“This morning when I got to work I texted [my husband] to let him know [about something]. A couple of hours later I got a text back saying, “How is my beautiful wife?” It’s the little things like this that make me so happy to be married to him.” – Onceinalovetime

“He writes little love notes on the bathroom mirror in dry erase so when I go in to get ready for work after he’s gone I see it.” – xoMissJasminexo

“He works a lot away from home so we try and fill each other’ ‘love tanks’ as much as we can with compliments and fun things so we stay positive while we are apart. Today he said, ‘Miss you sweet pea, have a great day. I will be home soon.’ We flirt a lot over text too, inside jokes are great too when you just want to say something else besides the mundane.” – RachelG4625

“My husband and I used to send [sweet texts] to each other. It really helps to keep the fire going until he gets home, we sometimes call it ‘Textual Loving’.” – aimindahouse

“I love sweet texts. Just the no reason at all [texts] like, “just thinking about my beautiful wife” feels great!” – cloudymeatballs

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