Buzz From The Boards: The One Habit That Drives Your Partner Crazy

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Fess up and tell us what habit you find yourself doing that drives your significant other totally crazy. These Nesties shared with us what annoys the daylights out of their partner:

“He says I can be negative, although I prefer to say I’m a realist. He’s very idealistic, glass half full type. It can make for a good balance but it can cause us to butt heads at times.” — JemmaWRX

“He hates how I pull back the shower curtain.” — chrisnjay05212010

“I’m a fan of paying off our debts in a year and he wishes we would slow down.” — alyssaames

“I put dishes in the sink before he’s done with them.” — Kimbus22

“I don’t put things back in the same place.” — WendyGR

“I snap at him when I’ve had a rough day.” — amandamarie2

“I park too close to his parking spot.” — Sarah0154

“I’m bad about interrupting; he gets so mad but I am working on it.” — lisa2008boo

“I worry too much. I care too much about small stuff. He both loves this about me, but also wishes I could just relax more. I bother myself too much with people’s problems and want to be a fixer. I am OCD about our house.” — ShannersLA

“I don’t rinse the dishes well enough before putting them in the dishwasher.” — dragonstarjk

“I don’t clean my hair out of the shower sometimes.” — LeahMI

“We have different ways of speaking to each other.  He feels that I am not direct enough and I feel that I speak in a way that is less authoritative. “ — Ilumine

“When I poke him in the ribs.” — StilletoJess

“I eat too much chocolate and spend too much money on clothes!” – November42

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