Buzz From The Boards: Wedding Regrets

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Whether you are a newlywed or you tied the knot years ago, looking back on your big day should be full of delightful memories. Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, but it’s possible you might have a regret or two. When it comes to the big regrets, one Nestie asked if any one else felt that they made the wrong choice when it came to their maid-of-honor. The community weighed in:

“It’s been 3 months since the wedding and it’s been bothering me, especially because I should have actually chosen one of my bridesmaids to take on that task. I even heard her talking to one of the groomsmen on our wedding day about how she wished she was the MOH instead” — jonandjulia

“I always felt confident in my MOH decision but with one of my other bridesmaids, not so much. She was a long time best friend and I really wanted her to be part of things but she always had some excuse for missing wedding things, including our dress shopping trip where we had to send her pictures and she ordered based on measurements. It was really frustrating, especially since I had another friend who was not a bridesmaid but was extremely supportive and totally there for me. I do sort of wish that I had chosen differently but in the end I had a great wedding day anyway, I found another way to involve my non-bridesmaid friend in the wedding and as for my less supportive bridesmaid, she was very supportive on the day-of.” — amandamarie2

“One of my bridesmaids dropped out 6 days before the wedding and I really wish i’d never asked her to be in the wedding but I don’t think i’ve dwelled on it. I have some left over bitterness but overall I just don’t care anymore.” — arhayden1

“One of my bridesmaids didn’t speak to me AT ALL on my wedding day.  STILL don’t know why.  She’s crazy. But it’s over and done with now…” — loves2shop4shoes

“I don’t regret my decision. I had a Matron and Maid of Honor. The Matron has always been my best friend and cousin…no regrets there. The maid of honor was my best friend in college and we agreed for years to be each other’s maid of honors. During my wedding planning there were a few oversights on my part which hurt her feelings. They were completely unintentional and a little unavoidable on my part, but I still felt terrible about them. We talked, made up, and then she asked me to be a bridesmaid instead of MOH in her wedding the next year. ” — ebcrist

“I think it took me at least 9 months if not longer to get over my wedding regrets. It was the little things, which I can’t even remember anymore. I’m a very detail oriented-person and for a while, especially attending others’ weddings, I’d look back and wish I’d done something minor differently. Eventually, you will stop worrying about what you could have done and the happy memories of the day will take over. I thought I was losing my mind when all my regrets were overwhelming me until I found others online who said it was totally normal.” — janessadawn

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