Buzz From The Boards: The 101 on Recycling

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Your trash cans and recyclables aren’t exactly pretty to look at. But it’s a part of your home that has to stay clean and organized. These Nesties share with us how they are keeping their kitchen recycling bins arranged:

Organize and label your recycle bins:

“I put a smaller garbage can in the cupboard with the regular one and I labeled it and posted a sign with pictures of what can be recycled, this helps my 6 year old stepson remember what can go in. He thinks it’s so much fun to recycle!  We have a larger bin that goes to the curb every two weeks.  When the can inside fills up, I load it into the bin.  It’s really convenient and works out well!” – jennymae303

Brilliant ways to recycle in a small space:

“We have two big recycling bins in our storage room (we live in an apartment, so it’s not far from the kitchen).” – kipnus

Our method could be better, but I can’t think of how to do it because the kitchen is small.  I have a recycle bin by the back door because the kitchen is too small for one.  I keep tote bags in the Kitchen and by where we keep the mail to put recycle in, and then I carry the tote bag to the recycle bin.  We also just take it down the few steps to the back door, but I end up recycling so much that I am constantly back and forth, so that’s why I use the tote bags.” – ClaryPax

Here’s how you can avoid piles of papers:

“We have the big bin from the town that we keep in the garage.  We currently have piles [of paper] (one upstairs in our office, and one in our kitchen), and every 2 days or so we carry the piles to the bin. It is horribly inefficient. I’d suggest having a smaller bin in the areas where you create recyclables.  Some kitchen garbage cans are split to do this, too.” – gymbugmj2k

How you can easily recycle everything:

“Two bins, one for cans and glass bottles, the other one is for everything else. They are both in the kitchen and it’s basically simple discipline to go to the kitchen to toss away the recyclables.” – Uberroom12

Ways you can get your recyclables out of your kitchen:

“We have the bin from the city on our garage but right next to the door so I can just open my door to the garage and drop stuff in.  My 5 & 3 year olds love to take it from me & throw it in.  For papers I have this [bin] from IKEA that I have next to the door going out to the garage and I put the papers in a brown paper grocery bag when the bin gets full.” – broncoalum97

“We have a can right next to our garbage for the recycling, and just empty that into the larger recycling bin outside.  I also have a separate place to stick yogurt containers because our curbside pick-up doesn’t take them.  We take those to Whole Foods instead.” – music11

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