Real Couple of the Week: Hannah and Lance

the nest real couples Photo: The Nest

Status: Married May 12, 2012

How They Met: At a mutual nonprofit event in 2011. “I was wearing a sequined jacket that caught Lance’s eye. A month later, we went on our first date and haven’t looked back since.”

Guilty Pleasures: Drinks from Sonic and ice cream cones

Pets: Norma, a three-year-old black lab. “We talk to her like she can understand us, sometimes forgetting she isn’t our actual child.”

Nicknames: She calls him Bud; he calls her Babe.

Age Gap: There’s only a 25-day age difference between them.

Hobbies: ”We love making, redoing and rearranging stuff. It keeps us very preoccupied.”

Marriage Mantra: “We have one of those perfectly imperfect and normal relationships. We try to keep our highs not too high and our lows not too low.”

Relationship Rule: Always remember you’re on the same team.

In 10 Years They’ll Be: Living closer to their families with a houseful of kids — all while running their own home décor shop.

Baby Clock: “We can’t wait, but all in good time!”

Unwind Time: Long walks, fun drinks and great conversations


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