Buzz From the Boards: Is It Rude to Text While You’re with Someone Else?

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Nesties weigh in on when it’s okay — and so not okay — to text, chat or Tweet while hanging with your partner (or your best friend):

“It is rude. However, sometimes when we are with our significant others, we can be unintentionally rude.” –sillygirl45

“I find it rude when my husband answers a call when we’re together–unless it’s important.” –moonprincessd

“In this day and age, we’re expected to be available 24/7. So it can feel like you have to at least look at texts …but it’s rude if your phone always takes precedence over the person in front of you.” –EastCoastBride

“I think it’s more rude when I’m out with a friend who does this. Like, we purposely made plans to hang out with each other, put your phone away!” –SmrBrd2012

“My cousin is constantly texting on her phone no matter what. We make plans for lunch and she’s texting during it. She’ll even text while I’m talking to her!” –erollis

“I have no problem if someone I’m with just checks her phone. And if she needs a reply right away, I’m fine with that too. However, I would expect the person to say, ‘Oh, hang on a minute. I need to answer this really quickly.’ If she just stopped talking and started texting with no explanation or apology, I would feel slighted.” –GilliC

“Usually I would consider it okay for someone to answer the phone, if she excused herself. If someone really needs to talk to you now, she will phone instead of text. But It drives me absolutely crazy when people send texts while out for coffee, supper, etc.” –amandamarie2

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