7 Kitchen Gadgets That Nobody Needs

Certain kitchen tools are so useful they’re practically life-changing. Then there are those gadgets that waste space — like that fortune cookie maker and soda caddy you saw the last time you were watching infomercials on TV at 4 a.m.

kitchen gadgets no one needs
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Fortune Cookie Maker

Fortunes aren’t actually included with this fortune cookie cutter -- so why would we waste $30 on this thing?!
kitchen gadgets no one needs
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Epic Pizza Cutter

This cutter promises to create equally sized pizza slices -- but is anyone that worried about making sure every slice of their pie is exactly the same? If you actually spend $130 on this thing you should be embarrassed.
kitchen gadgets no one needs
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Miniature Egg Mold

Down to your last three hard-boiled quail eggs and feeling festive? Imprint silly animal faces on them! Oh, wait, never mind, because that situation never happens. Making this gadget both silly and useless.
kitchen gadgets no one needs
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Soda Caddy

For those times when you feel like you can’t actually lift that 2-liter bottle of soda on your own -- which will never happen, so you don't need this!
kitchen gadgets no one needs
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Butter Dispenser

The manufacturers of this butter dispenser boast that it can turn a single stick of butter into a 10-foot-long ribbon -- which would only be useful if you were the Jolly Green Giant trying to butter up a massive ear of corn.
kitchen gadgets no one needs
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Hot Dog Dicer

Worried about choking on your hot dog? Instead of wasting $13 on this tool to cut it into tiny pieces, just use a knife from your silverware drawer.
kitchen gadgets no one needs
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Fat Magnet

This tool supposedly sucks up the fat and grease floating on top. We say save the $10 and just use paper towels and napkins instead.

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