10 Things We Need to Ditch this Weekend (Saturday is National Garage Day!)

garage sale items

Need an excuse to get rid of the Cabbage Patch Kids and NKOTB tapes stuck in the back of your closet? You’ve got one this Saturday: It’s National Garage Sale Day! To give you a little inspiration, we made a list of the junk we (and our co-workers) should have thrown away years ago. Check it out — and tell us what you’d add to our list.

My prom dress!” — Heather

“We have three dressers, one couch and one leather chair in my garage that should be sold. I hang on to them in case I win the lottery — I’d put them in my mansion.” – Kim

“My antique cookie jars. They’ve been in boxes for 10 years.” – Sheryl

“My stack of NYC metro cards. I used to think I would make wall art with them…but not so much.” – Cayla

“Ugh, my BOOMBOX! Who plays CDs anymore!?” – Carly

“Denim overalls!” – Shannon

“My collection of Disney snow globes. There’s an embarrassing amount of them collecting dust in my childhood bedroom at my parents.” – Kristin

“My Pog collection. I loved these things and probably would’ve thrown them out, but I had a Pog maker – so I put my head, my parents heads, Zack Morris’ head – all on Pogs, which makes them more sentimental than the average collection.” – Melissa

“My old college tube tops! I know I’ll never wear them again but still haven’t gotten rid of them.”Alecia

“I can’t part with my old Backstreet Boys memorabilia. Posters, CDs — you name it and chances are I still have it.”  Rachel

What would you add to the list?

What’s the one item you need to send to the curb? Share it in the comments below! And if you’re looking to seriously get organized, swap cleaning tips and tricks here with other Nesties!

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