6 Moments You’ve Had With Your Father-in-Law

Today marks National Father-in-Law Day; meaning it’s the perfect excuse to show some love to your partner’s Pop. Whether you honor him with a toast or a brand-new set of grilling gadgets, today’s the day to show your adopted dad a little appreciation. After all, he did help raise your husband.

While you’re brainstorming what to gift him, check out our six favorite GIFs below that prove just how strong your bond really is.

When he double-checked with your mother-in-law just to make sure they were both on the same page (good news — they approved!).

How he really felt after realizing his son was done bringing home bimbos…

His unspoken approval when your husband finally confessed that he planned to propose.

That time you bonded over your shared love of football and all things barbecue.

How he secretly felt upon hearing the news that he’d soon be a grandfather…

His general feeling whenever you suggest borrowing your mother-in-law for an afternoon of shopping so the men can spend some quality guy-time together.

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