Celeb Hubbys & Their Doppelgangers: Who’s Hotter?

Ever notice how many celebs in Hollywood look alike? For fun we found dopplegangers for three A-List husbands. Check out our match-ups — and tell us what you think:

Javier Bardem’s Lookalike Match: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

javier bardem jeffrey dean morgan

Photo: Shutterstock

Aside from Bardem’s sexy Spanish accent, these dark-haired, scruffy A-Listers could definitely play each other in a film.

Will Kopelman’s Lookalike Match: Eric Johnson

will kopelman eric johnson

Is it just us or are Drew Barrymore and Jessica Simpson with the same man?!

Will Ferrell’s Lookalike Match: Chad Smith


The hysterical actor and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer could switch places and trick us any day.

Which pair do you think looks most alike?

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