7 Cheesiest Quotes on Love from Celeb Newlyweds


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“A day will never go by without me reminding you how special you are. Thanks for last night my pretty little bird.” Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul on his new wife, Lauren Parsekian

We can understand baby and even the occasional sweetheart go, but pretty little bird? It’s just creepy.


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“As she was walking into the church, I could feel her. I could feel this energy, this sense of grace and movement and comfort to me the whole time. This contentedness, whether we were holding hands, or hugging, or kissing – she has such warmth for me and I just felt this fire the whole day, and I still do.” — Clay Pell on wife Michelle Kwan

Is it just us, or is Pell practicing for a new stint as Nicholas Sparks’ ghostwriter?

celebrity newlyweds 2013

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“We were both just like, ‘I can’t believe we did it!’ Especially Jay, because he’s never worn a ring before. It’s going to take some getting used to.” — actress Kristin Cavallari on marriage to Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler.

If we didn’t know better we’d think KCav was making a jab at the Bears for not having won a Superbowl since ’85!

Jesse James Alexis DeJoria wedding

Photo: Jesse James

“Love, wife, family, work … Life always find a way of showing u what is most important.” – TV personality Jesse James with his wife Alexis DeJoria, in an Instagram caption on their wedding day

Let’s just hope Jesse is paying attention to those life lessons this time around–Alexis is wife number four!

Scott Porter Kelsey Mayfield wedding

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“Today is the day. There are no more tomorrows”. – Scott Porter’s Tweet on his wedding day

Wait — what happened to tomorrow? What about ‘To have and to hold from this day forward’?

Sean Parker wedding

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“You mention that what we did was ‘extravagant’ yet none of the usual tasteless crap that rich people do at their weddings was present here – no ice sculptures, no caviar, no pop stars hired to sing their hit songs, etc.” – Facebook’s Sean Parker in an email The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal.

OK, so maybe Parker’s statement isn’t cheesy — but that photo sure is!

Matt Lanter Angela Stacy

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“From a galaxy far, far away, I would like to introduce for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Lanter!” —  Actors Matt Lanter and Angela Stacy’s reception emcee after introducing the couple to the tune of the Star Wars theme

Incorporating your favorite movie into your wedding is a good thing. Bringing in Stormtroopers, however, is not.

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