6 Things You Can Get Away With When Your Partner’s Away

long distance relationships study Photo: Thinkstock

Turns out absence really does make the heart grow fonder–or at least it doesn’t wreck your relationship, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Communication. Sure, long-distance is a bummer, but think about all of the time it would free up (no football Sundays? Yes please!). Check out the 6 things we love to do when our partners are out of town (and share yours in the comments section):

1. Not bothering to change out of your clothes.
Sure, he loves the way your yoga pants compliment your backside. But we have a feeling he’d like those Lulu Lemon’s a whole lot less after finding out you’ve been living in them for the past 3 days. Ignorance is bliss, right?

2. Finding Your Good Side
How else are you supposed to send him a quality sad-faced selfie without a little practice? Practice your pout in privacy and snap away. (Just keep your clothes on. Everyone knows men can’t keep those pictures to themselves.)

3. Talk (and talk, and talk…)
Call up your closest friend and spend some time catching up. Whether you’re gabbing about pedicures or politics, you won’t have to worry about your partner listening in. Especially when you start ranting about your mother-in-law.

4. Throw Out Your Razor
With no one to impress, what’s the point in shaving your legs?

5. Bake a Cake
Because you won’t have to worry about him passing judgement when you inhale 3 slices instead of 1 (oops!). Plus, you can lick the bowl without any outside interference.

6. Catch Up on True Blood (or Whatever Show He/She Hates)
Oh, come on… No one actually watches it for the storyline. Make a snack and settle in for a night full of eye candy (dibs on the wear wolf).

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