Dreaming of Ways to Decorate Our Future Living Room

Great news: Our home appraisal worked out in our favor! Our mortgage will cover the cost of the home and we won’t need to dip into our wedding fund to cover additional expenses.

We did have to perform minor repairs, like painting over chipped windowsills on the front porch, before our FHA loan was approved–but that’s all done so now we can officially focus on renovation plans. Our biggest challenge? The living room.

As soon we were under contract on the house, I began envisioning ways to brighten up the small space. We decided to paint the panel walls light blue, add a contrasting black couch and gray accents. Then one of my best friend’s in-laws offered us a hunter green leather couch that she could no longer use. How could we turn down a free couch and ottoman set in perfect condition? The catch: It’s not exactly our style. For one thing, green is one of the last colors I would choose for home décor. And though it’s one of the most comfortable couches in the world, it’s not very aesthetically pleasing.

I took to Pinterest for inspiration and discovered green couches are complemented by pops of bright colors and patterns.  Here are two of the my favorite photo finds:


Photo credit: Black. White. Yellow.

While shopping, I even came across a hunter green couch on display at Anthropologie and snapped a photo:


This made me feel a lot better and shows that signature style can be achieved from throw pillows and a super unique coffee table. So we made it our mission to find the perfect pieces. After weeks of searching Ikea, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and every HomeGoods, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls in northern New Jersey, we finally found the perfect coffee table at a HomeGoods located in our new town, ironically enough. It’s much different than what we thought we’d buy, but we love it:


We’re stacking these artisan handcrafted home accents from India and placing a tray on top so we can actually use them to hold drinks.  By introducing an array of colors, we won’t feel like green overpowers the whole room. It will be a Zen rainbow!

Check out this detail:


We thought we would end up with a cool old-fashioned trunk, but I’m glad we found these hidden gems! We’re expanding our style palette and I can’t wait to see everything come together.

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