Buying a Home + Planning a Wedding at the Same Time = Splitting Up the Work


When you’re getting married and moving into a fixer-upper home within months of each other, things can get stressful. My astrological sign falls on the Aries/Taurus cusp, which means I’m a natural born leader and determined to get my way, so it’s hard for me to give up control and allow my fiancé, Frank, to take the lead on some matters. But I’ve learned that teamwork and trust are necessary to getting through such exciting and exhausting times.

I obviously trust Frank (a fellow Taurus- I’m one year and four days older), but I want to be a part of the home action every step of the way, even if I’ll be of no help in certain situations. Take our home inspection, for instance. Since his best friend is our real estate agent, Frank is handling all the legal matters and sometimes I feel out of the loop. So when he told me our appointment was set for 9:30 on a Friday morning—my busiest day with clients—I was bummed I’d have to miss it, but knew I could rely on him.

Overall, the home inspection went pretty well considering the house was built in 1940. The inspector found some items of concern including possible mold in the attic (which turned out to be fibers from old roofing installation) and asbestos tiles in the workroom (my future library), but Frank has ensured that steps are being taken to remedy each case.

Now that there’s nothing to deter us from withdrawing from our contract, we’re one step closer to being homeowners.

The only thing that could possibly hinder our plans is the next action item: the appraisal.

It must come in close to the offer we put in on the house, because that is the amount we were approved for on our mortgage. If the value of the house turns out to be higher than our mortgage rate, it’s up to us to come up with the difference at closing. With our wedding drawing near, all the major expenses have been confirmed and I’m not about to terminate contracts with vendors or cut back on my bridal beauty services in order to get extra cash fast. I plan on having the wedding cake of my dreams and eating the top of it, too- on our one-year anniversary in our little love shack.

As we await the appraisal report, I feel like we’re watching a pregnancy test develop. Will we officially be homeowners after trying for so long? Or will we have to start from scratch and be envious every time we see friends on social networking sites post news of their new homes?

At least I have something fun to focus to distract me from the stress: How we’re going to decorate the place! I plan to totally takeover on this front, much like I’m doing with all of the wedding planning details. I already have a ton of ideas on how to recycle items from our wedding into decoration for our new digs, like the antique, white wood skeleton key pictured below.  It will be laid against a tree in the apple orchard during our outdoor ceremony and then hang above our bed once we’re wed.


The following “I love you more than bacon”  and “I love you more than cupcakes” props from our engagement shoot will soon adorn our new kitchen.


Making multiple use of accessories is a cost-effective strategy for couples transitioning to newlywedom. I’ve kept that in mind every step of the way!

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