Buying My First Home: The Ceiling Fan Battle Heats Up


I’m super embarrassed, you guys. My hubby and I are fighting about…a ceiling fan. That’s right. A ceiling fan.

Here’s the thing: I can’t stand ’em, he loves ’em. And there’s one in the living room of the Brooklyn apartment that we currently have under contract. I know–we don’t even have the place yet and we’re already arguing about how to decorate it.  But still, this is important.

I hate the idea of having a ceiling fan be a focal point in the main room of our place. He argues that it will help keep us cool in the summer (there’s no central air, just window units). I argue back that we can get floor-standing units that will keep us just as comfortable. I even gave in and said we could have ceiling fans in the bedrooms. His response? Not good enough.

We’re both so passionate about this ceiling fan that we actually fought about it in front of my parents last weekend. We were in Ohio for my mom and stepdad’s wedding and while showing them pics of the place we got into it. We argued to the point that they finally made a hasty exit to let us work it out. For the record, we didn’t work it out. We just went to bed mad.

I was mortified. But not enough to drop it, oh no. We argued again in front of my twin sister who had entirely too much fun taking Chris’ side to make me mad. (Love you, Erin, but seriously you’re supposed to be on my side–we share the same genes!)

We just had the inspection and it went well–so why are are we arguing about something so silly instead of counting our blessings?! What else will we argue about between now (the contract negotiation phase) and the co-op interview? Does house-hunting make people revert to teenagers?

Have you and your partner ever fought about your decor? How did you handle it?