How Old Were You When You Got Married?


The race to settle down before the age of 25 (and before all of your friends) may be slowing down–the age of newlyweds is on the rise! According to a new report in USA Today, the average age for marriage in the US is predicted to be 30 for men and 27 for women in the near future. In urban areas and European countries, the average is already 30.  Marriage rates are at the lowest point in 100 years, however, the number of newlyweds is expected to increase in the coming years: There’s a large number of marriage-eligible millennials (ages 18-34) in the US who may be looking to tie the knot in the next two years.

Tell us: How old were you when you got married? Were you just the right age –or should you have gotten hitched earlier (or later)?

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