Buying My First Home: Our Offer Was Accepted Last Night! (*Not That I’m Excited or Anything)


Our house-hunt has been filled with highs (What an amazing space!) and lows (We didn’t get the place!)–but last night we finally had a victory: Our bid was accepted on a loft-style apartment in our favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn (that’s it, above!). It’s the second place that we saw last Sunday, the day I realized I can’t live anywhere but in Brooklyn. We can’t believe our luck!

Of course, Mason had turned my phone off that morning when he was playing it — yes, my two-year-old enjoys Tweeting and scrolling through Facebook while drinking his a.m. apple juice — so poor Chris was desperately trying to reach me to let me know…and getting my voicemail. I was busy getting a manicure for my video shoot at work today, completely unaware that we were one step closer to actually owning our own home.

We still have to negotiate the contract and interview with the co-op board, so we haven’t popped a bottle of bubbly just yet. That will have to wait until the contract is signed; when it is time to celebrate, we will be enjoying an ’09 Domaine Carneros vintage brut made by my friend and California wine pioneer Eileen Crane. And because we haven’t signed a contract, Chris has asked me to avoid posting photos of the actual apartment…fair request, no?

In the meantime, I’m going to be working on selling some of the furniture that we know won’t be coming with us–and mapping out my moving strategy. Any tips to share?

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