3 Fun Ways to Use Your Stemless Wineglasses (They’re Not Just for Drinking!)

Stemless wineglasses are one of those things that you should probably pick up whenever you find them for a great price; they’re just such a simple, pretty décor solution, and can be used in so many fun ways.

Some of my favorite (non wine-inclusive) ways to call them into action:

As A Bud Vase


Here, I’m using a stemless wine glass to hold a rose my son gave me on Mother’s Day, but I also love the idea of just heading out to your garden and filling the glass with wildflowers and long grasses.

Another Idea: Try creating an impromptu (and very glam) window box by lining a few up along your kitchen windowsill, or welcome guests to a party by filling the glasses with flowers and LED tea lights and lining the pathway leading to your house.

As A Makeup Brush Jar


For years, I used an old candle jar to hold my makeup brushes…until I discovered that the narrow top of a stemless wine glass holds them far more neatly. (Those brushes, by the way, are Laura Mercier and fantastic; I especially recommend this eye shadow brush).

To Serve Chilled Salads


At my friend’s baby shower a few weeks ago, guests were served fruit salad and ceviche in stemless wineglasses. I loved how it looked elegant but was actually totally practical: instead of sitting down to eat, we all just carried the salads around with us while we chatted.

Here’s another fun (and delicious!) idea for a salad in a stemless wineglass:

Caprese Salad (serves 2):

In a bowl, toss together 1 cup cubed fresh mozzarella, 1 cup cubed tomato, 1 handful roughly chopped fresh basil, olive oil, and a pinch of good-quality salt. Toss to combine and divide between two stemless wine glasses to serve.

Have fun! These glasses may be more versatile than their stemmed sisters!

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