Buying My First Home: Making the Highest Offer…and Still Losing the Place-:(

I had just emerged from the subway at Grand Central terminal when my cell rang this afternoon. I grabbed it. It was Chris and he sounded giddy. My first thought: OMG, we got the place!! The Place is the killer loft in Brooklyn that we saw last weekend and fell in love with. I couldn’t believe I was going to hear the most exciting news I’ve heard in months while standing outside a subway entrance that smelled like sewer.

The call got dropped. I hustled toward a less, uh, aromatic spot on the street.

We’ve been on pins and needless all weekend. We made our offer Friday (when bids were due) and last night we were told that we had put in the highest offer–but the sellers were debating between our offer and another one that was close. They promised to let us know this morning. But morning came and went. Keep in mind we have a two-year-old so mornings start at 6 a.m. That’s hours before any normal person would be up and able to tell us WTF was going on.

Finally, around 10:30, our agent called…the sellers wanted to stay as long as possible; they’re renovating a townhouse and it’s not ready yet. We promised to give them until mid-October (when our lease is up), but we couldn’t go any later. We also agreed to charge them just enough rent to cover maintenance and a few other expenses– about half what they would pay if they were actually renting the place.

Hours went by and…nothing.  I had tried my best to kill time with a trip to the hair salon and a mani-pedi, but I couldn’t really concentrate. I showed up 30 minutes late to the salon; I was so distracted by all of this that I wrote down the wrong appointment time! And now it was 4 in the afternoon and I was dying (DYING!) to know what these people were going to decide.

Turns out, they decided to go with the other buyers.

Chris was just in shock, which is why he was giddy. (He’s good at many things but delivering bad news isn’t of them.) At this point I was standing on the corner of 42nd and Lexington, screaming into my phone, Are you fu*cking kidding me? Tourists stared. I didn’t care. I was so shocked–and, yes, absolutely pissed off–that I couldn’t even see straight. Chris was shocked. Our agent was shocked.

Seriously, how did we lose this place? Isn’t money everything in this damn town?

Apparently not with these buyers. To them, time was more valuable. The other buyers offered to let the current owners stay until December. That was it. We lost the apartment that we loved because of two lousy months. But since our lease is up in October and our current building doesn’t allow tenants to go month-to-month, we had no other choice.

I let myself grieve the loss while my toes were scrubbed and polished and then I let go of it. By the time the manicurist was rubbing lotion into my palms I was at peace with the whole thing. Eh, I’m over it, I texted a friend. This just means that there’s a place out there for us that’s even better. I hit send, and you know what? I realized that I actually believed what I was saying. I honestly do think that this is just a temporary setback and there’s an even better place waiting for us! This apartment was even better than the last one we made an offer on, so maybe the third time will be the charm?

Tonight we’re moving on with a chill date night at home: steaks, steamed broccoli, a kick a*s Armador Carmenere from Chile and a funny movie. How did you cope after losing out on your dream place?

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