Fire Up the Grill: Nesties Reveal Their Top Tips for a Fab Memorial Day BBQ!

memorial day grilling ideas Douglas Friedman / The Nest

With Memorial Day only a few days away, people are rolling out their grills, decorating their patio and getting ready for their annual p-a-r-t-y! It’s a big day for grilling, which is why we’re sharing some fantastic tips from our community on how to have a successful BBQ:

When grilling meat: “Don’t poke the meat and remember to let it rest.” – Jim&Jaime

A tip for the multi-tasking griller: “… Don’t get too engrossed in something else while it’s cooking. We end up with charcoal sausages way too often” – Amt2109

Heads-up to the charcoal griller: “We have a charcoal grill, and the only tip I really have is to make sure that your grill/coals are hot enough before you start cooking.” – ohioloveyou

For the “try everything once” griller: “Make sure your [grill] heat isn’t too high. And don’t be intimidated by grilling a variety of things – have fun with it!” –Jenice32

How-to keep hot dogs warm: “A crockpot will be just fine. But I would discard if the hotdogs are in there for more than a few hours. That is when they tend to dry out.” – kjvogelsang

Advice on the science of grilling:  Grilling advice you should never forget: “You have to remember that meats coming off the grill still continue to cook after you’ve removed them…the temperature will come up by a good 5-10 degrees.  It’s called ‘carry-over’.” – PoliticsChick

For the griller who needs to set the lingo straight: “I use cook-out as a noun and grill out as a verb.” – Bailey1806

Advice on grilling corn: “I’ve soaked corn in the husk to keep the husk from burning before the corn is done.” – Renee&David

Tell us: What are your favorite recipes and BBQ’ing tips and tricks?