Real Couples Reveal Their Craziest Arguments (& Yours Was…?)


Ever had a super intense argument over…toilet paper? Get the story behind that silly squabble + 9 more wacky arguments:

“I was chopping tomatoes for dinner and my husband thought I was doing it wrong. I finished cooking dinner and he refused to eat it. Instead, he ordered pizza with every single topping I don’t like.” — Court&John

“Once we fought because he said I love my cat too much. Now we fight over who loves the cat more.” — ChristinaSpaq

“We had a standoff for almost a week to see who would give in first and finally buy toilet paper. For the record,  I won.” — Steve+Mel

“How to pronounce Cameron Dias’s name. I said dee-oz and he insisted it was dee-as. Who cares? I didn’t speak to him for the rest of the night.” — McNam002

“We fought about how many times a toilet should be flushed in a day. This was a serious, ridiculous, give-the-silent-treatment kind of argument.” — Loissa

“We got into a fight while assembling the furniture in our new house. If we made it through that, we’ll make it through anything.” — AubreyDub

“It was over a t-shirt. ‘Nuff said. A T-shirt!!!” — AIM7896

“While watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding, we got into a ridiculous argument about whether or not they would really have baptized him in a kiddie pool.” — Chgritmon

“Whether or not to tuck in the sheets at the end of the bed-Every time I made the bed, I tuck them in, and every night, he untucks them.” — KDTully

What’s the craziest thing you and your partner have argued about?

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