5 Real-Life New Home Disasters (You Won’t Believe #4!)

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Simply packing your belongings and moving to a new home can be so stressful. But sometimes it’s the unexpected surprises that you encounter after you’ve made the big move–not the actual moving process and getting settled part–that cause the most drama. Check out these reader nightmares, and share your own!

“When we tried to peel off the wallpaper in a room, the drywall came off with it because they didn’t use the primer! We had to rip out the drywall and start over! Coribelle26

“A bat fell on me while I was doing the laundry.” — PeeterPoon

“We discovered termites and rats after moving in. Thousands of dollars later, our house is now bug and rodent-free.” — StPeteGirl

“We have a kitchen ventilation problem. When we cook, one of us stands under the smoke alarm with a towel to shoo away the smoke–we can’t shut the alarm off.”MrsB1021

“Our upstairs neighbors have toddlers who love to stomp around and wrestle. It sounds like bowling balls are constantly being dropped on the floor.” — GnomeSweetGnome

Do you have a story that can beat these? Share it in the comments section below!

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