Buying My First Home: “Not Every Week Is Gonna Be a Home Run!”

We were hot on the house-hunting trail again yesterday. After losing out on the Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, apartment last Tuesday, we decided it was time to go west and check out Jersey City. We thought of it as a little mood lifter, a nice change of pace. So we rented a jeep (we ditched our car last year…we didn’t really need it) and made plans to meet up with our friend Kevin for brunch and a tour of his ‘hood.

If you’ve never been, downtown Jersey City is pretty awesome. It’s near the water, with gorgeous views of NYC, and it’s filled with brownstones. It feels a lot less crowded than some of our favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods, but it still has some great restaurants (especially Marco and Pepe) and lots of other young families. And our friend Kevin was an awesome tour guide, the perfect mix of informative and funny. Just look how much fun Mason was having:


We had brunch at Beachwood. Mason is usually pretty excellent in restaurants, but he was super excited to see Kevin and mesmerized by the mirror behind him…so this brunch? Not so much. Even French toast with fresh strawberries, bacon and warm maple syrup wasn’t enough to entice him to sit up and eat. My sanity saver? The rich-and-creamy soy latte–it honestly kept me from going over the edge the tenth time I had to tell Mason to stop making faces at himself in the mirror and just turn around, OK?!
latte2Unfortunately the day just got more frustrating. The apartments that we saw weren’t for us at all, probably because a.) We decided to wing it and go by Internet listings versus checking in with our broker; b.) We really know nothing about Jersey City beyond the fun times we’ve had with our friends there. Lessons learned!

We finished up in JC with enough time to see two more places in Brooklyn that were super tiny, super expensive, and super boring.

As we were driving back home, I admitted to Chris that I was feeling a little bummed. Not every week is gonna be a home run, he told me–and he’s right. I’m trying to stay super positive, but I’m ready to do this thing. And I’ve realized that although I love real estate, it’s a lot different when you’re trying to buy a place in a crazy-competitive market vs. peeping cool spaces just for a little inspiration.

So now we have a decision to make. Should we go back to JC (it was super pretty), or should we stick with Brooklyn and only Brooklyn?