Who Does the Cooking: You, Your Partner or Your Local Takeout Spots?

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We get it: You love to sit down and eat dinner together, but whipping up a great meal after a long day at work can be a total hassle. So who does all the work in your place: You? Your partner? Or your local takeout spots?  Check out what some of our readers had to say–and dish on the cooking sitch in your home:

“I do all the cooking. That way I can keep fire and rescue off of our speed dial.” — Blue-EyedWife

“I do, unless it’s something heart on the grill. Then he’s interested.” — Mrs.Bowen

“I laugh at the sheer idea that my husband would cook. He does the dishes though.” — Fayed

“We split it 50/50.” — Amief

“Does dialing take-out count as cooking?” — NYCGirl31

“The pizza place down down the street. We use our oven for storage.” — CSmith55

“I cook three nights a week, he cooks twice, we go out on night, and eat leftovers the remaining night.” — Aspen07

“He does. I don’t know how to cook and I have absolutely no desire to learn.” — KBKenn

Who is in charge of your kitchen? Dish in the comments section below!

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