Buying My First Home: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again!


Yes, it’s a cheesy saying–but, c’mon, there’s something to it! And it’s my mantra today because our offer on that Brooklyn apartment from last Sunday got shot down in less than 24 hours. In fact, I hadn’t even left the office last night when I got this text from Chris: Just heard from Heather. We came in second. Sorry boo. My first thought: Are you effing kidding me?! My second thought: Damn, I feel like I’m disappointing the well-wishers from Facebook last night.  Of course nobody else was that invested in whether I got the place, but I really appreciated the support, people!

The good news is that the rejection was so fast that I didn’t really have that much time to get nervous about whether our offer would be accepted. I also realized that although I was disappointed, I wasn’t devastated–which is either a sign that a.) I listened when Chris told me to be realistic and not get overly invested in any one place; b). I didn’t love the place as much as I should have for the amount of $$$ we were going to be spending. Maybe it’s both?

So it’s back to the open house circuit this weekend. We’ve decided that we’re going to check out Jersey City, just to explore a new neighborhood and see what else is out there, beyond our beloved Brooklyn. Who knows? We might find something great. One things is for sure: there’s something much better out there for us, I just know it!

Aesook Kim

Aesook Kim

In the meantime, here’s how I’m going to deal with the ups and downs of home-buying in this town:

1. Playtime with my lil’ man (that’s us, above, during our Easter egg hunt last month). It’s impossible to be anything but happy around him!

2. The treadmill in our building’s gym. It’s free + at 6:30 a.m. I have the place to myself. The challenge? Dragging my butt outta bed.

3. Some fun date nights with Chris. Maybe we’ll learn to salsa dance?! Or maybe a wine-tasting class is more our style.

4. These super delish rose wines. There’s one for every occasion in our round-up + most of them are under $15. I’ll drink to that!

How do you cope when you’re stressed?