5 Creative Ways to Fill Those Awkward Spaces in Your Home

You know exactly what I'm talking about when I say awkward space. It's that nook underneath your staircase, or the area below your dormer-style bedroom window--and you want to make the most of that space, but how? Instead of filling it with junk, get creative and think outside the box with these clever... read more

4 Tasty Breakfasts — You Won’t Believe the Surprising Ingredient They Have in Common!

We all remember Chia Pets, right? Those funny little creature-shaped pots that sprout green leaves when watered? Well, the same seeds behind these funky kid projects might be a worthwhile addition to your pantry! The small seeds are quickly becoming nutritionists’ favorite miracle seeds—they provide a healthy energy boost, they’re rich in Omega-3 fatty acids,... read more

Top 10 Cities For Newlyweds: Did Yours Make the List?

Best cities for newlywedsPhoto: David Land
Recently married and looking to relocate? You might want to consider one of the so-called best cities for newlyweds, according to a new survey by The list is based on the number of married couples, families with children under six (since many newlyweds are putting down roots... read more

3 Fun Ways to Use Your Stemless Wineglasses (They’re Not Just for Drinking!)

Stemless wineglasses are one of those things that you should probably pick up whenever you find them for a great price; they’re just such a simple, pretty décor solution, and can be used in so many fun ways. Some of my favorite (non wine-inclusive) ways to call them into action: As A Bud Vase read more

Make the Best Homemade Pizza You’ve Ever Had — Tonight!

Have you ever heard anyone say they don’t like pizza? I’m fairly certain everyone loves it. And why not? You can eat it standing up. It doesn’t require any utensils. It’s delicious hot from the oven or cold from the fridge. Pizzas can be dressed up with fancy toppings or served simply. Even... read more

Dinner for the Week: 5 Weeknight Meals Too Tasty to Pass Up!

Source: I Wash...You DrySource: I Wash...You Dry
Trying to cut back on the number of times you order in? Want to eat better and be healthier? Check out our weekday dinner lineup for tasty recipes that you can easily make at home! Monday: Thai Beef Skewers Why We Love It: Happy Memorial Day! Add some zip to your BBQ with these tasty... read more

Buying My First Home: Making the Highest Offer…and Still Losing the Place-:(

I had just emerged from the subway at Grand Central terminal when my cell rang this afternoon. I grabbed it. It was Chris and he sounded giddy. My first thought: OMG, we got the place!! The Place is the killer loft in Brooklyn that we saw last weekend and fell in love with. I... read more

Viagra for Women: Why it Won’t Work (& What Really Turns Us On)

viagra for women
Just not in the mood for sex these days? So-called Viagra for women may soon come to market--but we're pretty skeptical that the meds (dubbed Lybrido and Lybridos) will actually work. For starters, sexual desire is largely psychological for women, sexologist Logan Levkoff explained on TODAY--and pills like Viagra only address mechanical problems... read more

39 Pretty Floral Prints for Your Home from Katie Anderson of Modern Eve

Those April showers brought some stunning May flowers, not only to our gardens, but also for our homes. Floral prints are a huge trend this season, with beautiful blooms blossoming on dishes, table linens, throw pillows, furniture,  and more. Get inspired with my top picks: A fun throw pillow is the easiest way... read more

Fire Up the Grill: Nesties Reveal Their Top Tips for a Fab Memorial Day BBQ!

memorial day grilling ideasDouglas Friedman / The Nest

With Memorial Day only a few days away, people are rolling out their grills, decorating their patio and getting ready for their annual p-a-r-t-y! It’s a big day for grilling, which is why we’re sharing some fantastic tips from our community on how to have a successful BBQ:

When grilling meat:...

read more
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