Real Couples Reveal Their Strangest Turn-Ons — What’s Yours?

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Admit it: Your partner has a quirk or two that actually turns you on. (No worries, we don’t judge.) For fun, we asked our readers to reveal the surprising things that make them hot. Check out their outrageous answers  — and share your own in the comments section below.

“He makes a big to-do about getting his friends together for man playdates; it’s insanely cute.” — Jodi21Harbur

“It’s a turn-on when he takes his mother to church on Sundays. It’s the taking-care-of-his-mother part that really gets me.” — Aligater

“He does these hilarious imitations of cartoon characters, and to me, funny = sexy.” — MrsSisco

“Whenever I see her manhandling our lawnmower.” — JayL9654

“I love the smell of his deodorant.” — Linzi24

“She performs the ‘She’s a Maniac’ dance from the movie Flashdance in her pajamas–it’s always a highlight.” — JCNYC31

“When he irons his boxers, tees and dress socks–it’s totally dorky, but it gets me every time.” — 10YearsTogether

“When she speaks in Spanish. She doesn’t always get the words quite right, but it’s incredibly sexy.” — Carl8S

“He does this strange brow-furrowing thing whenever he talks about something he’s really passionate about.” — DecemberWedding07

“I turn to mush when he loosens his tie and unbuttons the top button of his dress shirt after work.” — MGMooney

“When he gets a haircut! I still get excited about it even if it’s only been a few weeks since the last one.” — DorkLyne

What’s the one weird thing that gets you hot for your S.O.?

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