Was Your Honeymoon Dreamy or Disasterous? Real Couples Weigh In!

honeymoon regrets Photo: Shutterstock

Sometimes even the best-laid travel plans don’t quite work out. From sunburns to hurricanes, readers reveal the surprises that make them wish they could go back and redo their honeymoons.

“I’d wait a week after the wedding to go. We left the Monday after our Saturday wedding. We felt so rushed Sunday night.” — puppymommy

“I wouldn’t have left my lingerie at home.” — chiocutie

“I wish we’d done more romantic things … we treated it more like a vacation than a honeymoon.” — mrslandry2be

“We’d make it twice as long but half as expensive.” — mrs_p2007

“We wouldn’t have scheduled it during hurricane season!” — crash*into*me

“Asked someone to take pictures of us together. I have a million shots of one of us, but almost none together.” — bamfmrsb

“I wish I’d insisted that my husband wore sunscreen. He got burned during our first day, and we had to stay out of the sun.” — spritz

“Nothing. It was awesome.” — crigby

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