Buying My First Home: Is My Dream Place Gone for Good? Property
After playing hooky last Sunday, we’re back on track with our apartment-hunt this weekend. We mapped out three promising properties and headed to Brooklyn first thing this morning. I was so excited I could hardly wait to get there: we saw the place of my dreams last night online (that’s the living room, above), and I couldn’t wait to check it out. We even talked about putting in an offer on the spot if it was really as great as it looked online. Dream Apartment would be the third stop on our list–and I sort of loved the anticipation of building up to what I was sure was destined to be our new home. I even styled my hair (a Sunday never) for the photo I imagined the agent taking of us in our new pad! Jumping the gun? Yes, but just look at that bedroom (below):

Light-filled, gorgeous…totally our taste….

But first we had to see if the place really looked as gorgeous in reality as it did online.

My brother-in-law volunteered to take Mason to the park while we toured the places on our list–score! We love having our lil’ guy with us, but I’m usually so worried about Mason breaking something that it’s hard for me to focus. So after brunch we convinced Mason to go to the park with Adam (Mommy will be right back, boo boo, promise!) and we were off!

The first place had a beautiful garden (below), but it smelled. (What’s up with these stinky places going for mucho dinero?) I walked in, tried to smile at the agent even though I felt like gagging, and sneaked out as quickly as I could. I waited on the sidewalk, playing with Facebook on my iPhone, until Chris emerged, laughing. I knew you’d hate that place the moment we walked in.


Not to be deterred, we headed to the second place on our list, spirits still high. It was (mostly) great. I loved the kitchen, the light floors, and all the recessed lighting (check it out, below!)…but not the bars on the windows. I asked the agent why there were bars on the window and he looked at me like I was insane. Um, it’s a first floor apartment. Fine for some, perhaps, but I’d prefer not to live in a place that has prison-like windows. Time to move on…

Excited by seeing something so close to what we were looking for (if only those bars hadn’t been there!), we headed to the third place on our list–Third time is the charm, I couldn’t help thinking. It was located in the heart of Park Slope, my fave hood in Brooklyn, and the street was classic Brooklyn, with beautiful old brownstones and flowering trees:

At last we were there. We climbed the stairs and came face-to-face with this:


As we were standing on the sidewalk, starring in disbelief, another couple wandered up, read the sign and seemed just as bummed as we were about this little inconvenience. We chatted with them for a few minutes about places we’d seen (I even told them about place #2) and then we went our separate ways.

Disappointed, but not defeated–maybe the open house was cancelled because the agent was sick, not because the place is sold–we decided to enjoy the rest of our afternoon instead of wallow. There’s still reason to be optimistic, right? So we headed to Gorilla Coffee, our fave coffee place on Fifth Avenue. Might as well enjoy a cup of Joe while Mason was enjoying the park!

Any stories to share about your own real estate hunt? Dish in the comments section below!

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