Has Marriage Changed the Way You Spend Your Money?


When you were single you had no problem splurging every now and then for that “must-have” pair of shoes or last-minute trip with your girlfriends. (You deserved it!) But do you still spend that way now that you’re married (or co-habitating)? Check out what a few of our readers had to say — and share your own thoughts in our comments section!

“I’ve had to become quite cheap to balance out my husband’s expensive hobbies!” — JOOLZ425

“When I was single, I didn’t really save. Now that there’s two of us and maybe a kid one day, saving seems much more important. I wish I’d started sooner.”  —  Pitterbull

“We both take cues from each other. I’ve become more self-disciplined like he is, and he’s made more of a point to enjoy our money.” — LaLaLisa

“Credit cards are a big no-no now- for emergencies only.” — Chris&Michele

“He makes three times what I do and I spend a lot. Hey, someone has to!” — Desmond&MollyJones

“I used to be a compulsive saver. My husband helped me relax about money and celebrate our little victories.” — JDilley79

“It was easier for us to excuse our bad spending behavior when our finances were separate. When we got married, we got our sh*%! together and made a budget.” — IBIS

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