Flirting After Marriage: Is it Ever OK?

flirting after marriage Photo: Thinkstock

You love your spouse, but what happens when someone else catches your eye? Is it OK to flirt a little, or is it just plain unacceptable? Check out what our readers had to say–and share your own thoughts in our comments section!

“After marriage you are required to find other members of the opposite sex unattractive and boring. Please read the fine print on your marriage license.” — darkpixie08

“It’s harmless! I flirt all the time, but never right in front of my spouse.” — kgail11

“It’s okay as long as you would feel comfortable if your spouse was watching you do it. Anything you wouldn’t want him/her to see, you probably shouldn’t be doing.” — ms.wax

“Some people don’t care if their spouses flirt, but we do. It’s totally disrespectful. To us, flirting is something you do when you are thinking about cheating.” — his#1girl

“I’m a flirt — it’s just in my personality. My husband is a charming guy and he flirts sometimes too. Neither of us minds. We trust each other and know it’s just in good fun.” — katiemiah

“I still get drinks bought for me when I’m out with girlfriends, and the first thing I say is “Thank you, but I am happily married.” Fun conversations are acceptable, but it’s bad when you don’t tell the person that you are married and/or you lead him on.” — jennygirlmt

What are your thoughts on flirting after marriage? It is harmless fun or a serious no-no? Share in our comments section!

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