New Coffee Delivers Excellent Caffeine Buzz + Promotes Recycling!


It’s Earth Month, so I’ve been receiving some pretty interesting products in the mail. One that I couldn’t help but try right away: illy’s new “MonoArabica Ethiopia” coffee.  My coffee obsession is well-known around the office…I drink it morning and afternoon. Blame it on my super cute two-year-old/real estate scout who still doesn’t sleep through the night!

This coffee did not disappoint me, and my equally coffee-obsessed husband enjoyed it too. The brew was smooth and delish, and we enjoyed it for several mornings. It isn’t cheap–one 8.8 canister is $15–but it’s worth the splurge is you’re as coffee-obsessed as we are (and you can buy it online).

The Earth Month connection? Through a partnership with recycling pioneer TerraCycle, illycaffé is launching RENEW, a coffee capsule recycling program which helps keep iperEspresso capsules out of local landfill!headline

What’s your favorite coffee? Dish here!