How We Live @ UncommonGoods

We often intrigued by the quirky finds we discover on UncommonGoods, so we wondered: How do the people who curate these offbeat offerings actually live themselves? Peep inside a few of their homes with us:

Photo: Gaby Dolceamore

Gaby Dolceamore

Title: Community Outreach Coordinator

Inspired By: Music – especially ethereal tunes like the Mamas and the Papas and the Byrds.

Favorite Design Piece: My sofa! It’s a custom-made blue velvet shelter sofa from the 1970s with a matching ottoman. A man on the Upper West Side was moving to Palm Springs and selling two of them. Scouting it on the internet and transporting it to my Brooklyn apartment was a labor of love.

Favorite Color Palette: Bold black and white with a pop of color – like marigold or neon pink.

Photo: Gabrielle Germaine

Photo: Gabrielle Germaine

Gabrielle Germaine

Title: Associate Creative Director

Inspired By: I love how color and shape play with each other.  Artists like Rothko, Monet and Mondriaan have always been great places for me to draw from.

Favorite Design Piece: I can not get enough wall art.  I love being surrounded by my friends’ pieces, my own work, artists I love, and even flea market finds.  My two current favorites are some Ladies Home Journal, and Saturday Evening Post covers from the 40s, and an Edward Muybridge reproduction of Dancing that I purchased as a house warming gift to myself when I moved into my new apartment.

Favorite color palette:  Grays and whites with pops of color.  Right now I want to add yellow and teal to every room!

Photo: Katie Giannone

Photo: Katie Giannone

Katie Giannone

Title: Associate Buyer

Favorite Design Piece: The walnut desk built by my fiance.

Inspired by: Handmade Houses, Design Sponge, the makers and designers around me.

Favorite color palette: Neutrals, earth tones, whites.

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