Worst Relationship Advice — Ever!

Think grandparents give the worst advice? Think again. Turns out there’s no shortage of the toxic stuff out there from misguided (albeit well-meaning) friends, parents, and even experts.  After #TerribleAdvice began trending on Twitter, we started thinking about all of the downright awful advice we’ve gotten regarding relationships. Out of curiosity, we polled our staff on the worst words of wisdom they’ve ever received. From sex tips to argument advice, the “tips” below prove that nobody’s safe from the uninformed input of others.

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On Getting Pregnant:

“Just don’t tell him you’ve stopped taking birth control until after you’re pregnant.” -- HMS
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On Hooking Up:

“’He won’t buy the cow if he can get the milk for free.’ Terrible advice. Who buys a cow without first checking to see that the milk is good?” -- RS
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On Long Distance:

“If you have to fly to see each other, you should probably break up.” -- AO
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On Eyewear:

"'Guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses.' This couldn't be further from the truth; especially when those glasses are paired with a skirt and a white button down. Men love librarians...right?" -- KV
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On Other Women:

“Have sex with your husband every day, because if you don’t someone else will” -- BD
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On Arguing:

“I always thought ‘never go to bed angry’ was terrible advice. Sometimes you just need to cool off, and who wants to stay up until the wee hours arguing?” -- EM
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On Shacking Up:

“Move in together to save money.” -- LS
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On Standing Your Ground:

“Guys respond well to strong women, so ultimatums are a good way to go!” -- CZ
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On Keeping Quiet:

“Be mellow and quiet. No one likes a girl who has a comment for everything.” -- VP

What is the worst piece of relationship advice you’ve ever received?

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