Organization Tip of the Day: Store Ribbon Spools on Paper Towel Holders

100 days of organizationPhoto: Shutterstock
It isn't the holiday season, but you still have plenty of gifts to wrap. Make your gift-wrapping sessions easier by sliding spools of ribbon onto an empty paper towel holder. How to do it: Stack your spools of ribbon on a paper towel holder to store them vertically. Remember to tape down ribbon ends when... read more

How to Make Perfect Popcorn (With Step-by-Step Photos!)

As a kid, whenever my family went to the movies, my mother used to pop up a great big pot of popcorn and portion it into little brown paper bags for us. She would then smuggle it into the theater in a giant tote bag along with pouches of Capri Sun. Yes, we were THAT... read more

Lookbook: Fun Cleaning & Organizing Products from Crate and Barrel

We love to clean and organize stuff--especially if the products that we're using look good. So we can't help but admire Crate and Barrel's new Clean Slate line--it  offers a chic twist on basics like mops, pails and scrub brushes, as well as laundry necessities and storage tools. Check out a... read more

Organization Tip of the Day: Fold Sweaters to Help Keep Them Looking New

100 days of organizationPhoto: Shutterstock
Resist the urge to hang up your favorite sweater--hangers can cause holes to form in the shoulders. A better bet? Fold and stack your favorite sweaters. How to do it: Stack your folded sweaters in crates or on a shelf in your closet. Not only will you save your sweaters, but you'll free up... read more

Buying My First Home: Making an Offer…Maybe, Possibly, Hopefully!

We walked for about three hours today, touring apartments in three different Brooklyn nabes. (The pic on the left is of a pretty flower shop we passed.) Mason, bless him, handled it all really well. Child kept it together on the slower-than-slow G train, ate a random lunch in his stroller without complaining and didn't... read more

Organization Tip of the Day: Keep User Manuals in One Place

100 days of organizationPhoto: Mark Lund / The Nest
User guides and instructional manuals create clutter -- yet you unfortunately have to keep them (how else are you supposed to fix the blender?!) Keep track of your manuals by storing them all in a 3-ring-binder. How to do it: After you open a new gadget, take each instruction manual and place in a clear... read more

Dinner for the Week: 7 Fresh ‘n’ Fab Meals

Monday: Roasted Caponata Salad with Chickpeas & Goat Cheese Why We Love It: Goat cheese adds creaminess to this so-good bean 'n' veggie salad. Source: Big Girls, Small Kitchen Tuesday: Red Wine Marinated Flank Steak with Cherry Tomato Caprese Salsa Why We Love It: A... read more

Organization Tip of the Day: Use Empty Pill Containers for Jewelry Storage

100 days of organizationPhoto: Shutterstock
Put empty vitamin containers to good use my using them for jewelry storage while traveling. How to do it: Once a pill container is empty, clean the inside thoroughly. Once it's dry, use the container to store small, easy-to-lose jewelry like earrings and rings. Expert tip: Pack a lunch during the week? These containers are... read more

Real Couples Reveal Their Strangest Turn-Ons — What’s Yours?

strange turn onsPhoto: Getty
Admit it: Your partner has a quirk or two that actually turns you on. (No worries, we don't judge.) For fun, we asked our readers to reveal the surprising things that make them hot. Check out their outrageous answers  -- and share your own in the comments section below. "He makes a big to-do about... read more

Organization Tip of the Day: Create a Condiment Container

100 days of organizationPhoto: Shutterstock
Keep your condiments organized by storing them an in empty cardboard six-pack container. How to do it: Instead of tossing used six-pack containers, take your bottles of ketchup and mustard and store in each slot. Not only does this save space in your fridge, but you're putting those recycling skills to good use. Expert tip:... read more
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