Twenty ’90s Trends We Miss

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas

We don't know where you are JTT but we still love you!
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Gel Pens

Takings notes was never the same.
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Bubble Furniture

Moving furniture was so much easier back when it was filled with air.
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The Amanda Show

If this Amanda could see 2012 Amanda, we wonder what she would think.
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Frosted Tips

A heartthrob with perfect 90s hair. Enough said.
children of the
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Body Glitter

You may have missed the best part of the 1990s if you weren't sparkling from head to toe with Claire's body glitter
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A hairstyle perfect for every occasion.
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Hair Wraps

We didn't need to visit Jamaica to look cool once we learned how to do these ourselves.
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The only appropriate way to rock a side ponytail.
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Tattoo Choker

Hard core status symbol of the 6th grade.
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Butterfly Clips

What better way to fasten our tiny cornrows and twists than these clips?
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Crimped Hair

Even Jessica Simpson fell victim to the crimper.
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Lip Smackers

Thirsty for a soda? Have Lip Smackers.
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Giga Pets

If Giga Pets were real animals, we'd have to move to a farm.
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Stick On Earrings

We kept finding these stuck in our hair after school for some reason.
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Coppertone Colorblock

The summer this 90s beach staple made its debut, there were purple kids everywhere.
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Listening to this group convinced us that we could do an authentic Irish jig. Our parents were not impressed.
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Jelly Sandals

For some reason, the smell of this plastic footwear brings back sweet childhood memories.
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Mood Rings

"How are you feeling today?" Uh...let me check my mood ring.
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Slap Bracelets

The most painful jewelry we ever wore.

Ever wonder whatever happened to Johnathan Taylor Thomas, mood rings or Giga Pets? We’re getting nostalgic. Here are 20 of our favorite trends from the best  decade of our lives. Enjoy.

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