Product Preview: 9 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets Coming This Summer

Another reason we can’t wait for summer–besides an end to all this snow? Cool new kitchen gadgets are slated to hit store shelves, and they’re all guaranteed to make cooking easier than ever before. Check out the gadgets that we’re most excited about, and start saving your pennies!


Veggie Brush

This nifty veggie brush has a hard-bristle scrubber for veggies with touch skins (think potatoes) and soft bristles for delicate veggies like mushrooms.

Available in May

2 ‘n’ 1 Veggie Brush, $8,


Simple Apple Corer

No more struggling with a paring knife to remove that apple core; this slick gadget gets rid of the core quickly and easily.

Available in May

Apple Corer, $13,


Better Batter Dispenser

Now you don’t have to worry about dribbling your muffin batter on the edge of your tin. Simply squirt in the right amount!

Available in May

Batter Dispenser, $12,


One-Step Cherry Pitter

This slick gadget removes the cherry pit (and locks it away) to help keep the mess at bay.

Available in May

Cherry Pitter, $13,

Cute Cupcake Corer

Love to make cupcakes with special fillings? This inexpensive tool removes just the centerwithout making the surrounding cake crumble.

Available in June



Easy Egg Separator

You can separate the whites from the yolks–and slice eggs–with this simple gadget.

Available in May

2 ‘n’ 1 Egg Piercer and Separator, $5,

One-Button Espresso Maker

No more frothing milk separately! With one press of the button you get a perfectly made cappuccino or latte.

Available in July



Collapsible Pan

Ideal for those sticky no-bake desserts, this pan folds down on all four slides for easy slicing (and removing).

Available in June

Collapsible Pan, $12 (8×8) and $15 (9×13),


Portable Slow Cooker

Transport dips and other party dishes (and keep them hot) with this tote-along slow cooker and carrying case.

Available in May

West Bend Portable Slow Cooker, $50,

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