4 Fresh Ways to Use Table Linens

We’ve covered the big-picture parts of table design, including how to create a gorgeous centerpiece, how to add flair to your dining room chairs and how to get creative with lighting. Now it’s time to focus on the smaller details, beginning with linens! A few small tricks can make a huge difference. Check out some of my favorite ideas–and learn how to DIY:

Add a table runner. Center a long narrow runner down the middle of your table vertically, or place a few runners horizontally across your table spaced a few inches apart, making sure it hangs off the edges of your table by approximately 12″ on either side. For a different twist on a traditional runner, use wrapping paper, moss, a collage of photos or a garland of flowers.

Mix and match patterns. Napkins are a great place to experiment with bold prints. Just make sure that if your table design already has a pattern going on somewhere else that the size of each design is varied so that it doesn’t look chaotic. For example, pair a piece with large prints with a piece with small patterns (and vice versa) versus two pieces with large patterns.

Photo: Wisteria

Photo: Wisteria

Don’t forget about linen overlays. For an even more layered look, drape a cloth overlay over your tablecloth. In cooler months opt for heavier opaque fabrics. When the weather is warm, use a sheer fabric, lace, or crocheted cotton and a darker linen underneath to allow the tablecloth to peek through.

Embrace unique placemats. Aside from basic fabric options, consider woven mats, birch bark, small chalkboards or even mirrors to create a fun and unique backdrop for your china. You can also combine different shapes at each setting if you enjoy a more eclectic look.

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