Easy (& Gorgeous!) Mantel Makeover


If there’s such a thing as a “mantel addiction” I have it. Not a week goes by that I don’t find myself rearranging our mantel décor or arriving home from what should have been just a quick errand with another trinket, bauble or chatchkie that I think would look so perfect on the mantel. When I’m not redecorating my own mantel, I’m scouring Pinterest for new ideas and inspiration!

With Spring just around the corner, I was inspired to update our sitting room with a crisp, clean mantel makeover. Who knew what a difference a little paint, simple trim and a few nails could make? Check out my “before” and “after” photos — what a difference a little paint and trim can make!



Spring Mantle Collage

Inspired to DIY? Here’s how:

Project Time: Two hours plus “dry time”

Before procuring your materials, you will need to measure the space above your mantel and decide how large you want your “frame” to be. Once you have your measurements, head to the nearest hardware store and select your trim.

Materials Needed:

1. Natural Pine Trim (The decorative pieces I chose were $3.96/pc)

2. Primer + Paint (Because the wood trim is natural, you’ll want to both prime and paint your pieces. I chose Behr paint and primer in one and painted the trim with two coats of white semi-gloss finish).

3. Miter saw

4. Nail gun

5. Nails


1.  Using your miter saw, cut your trim to the desired measurements. You’ll note that the miter saw cuts your trim on an angle. Don’t fret! That’s what a miter saw does. Be sure to wear protective goggles while using power tools!

2. Prime and paint your trim in a well-ventilated area. Allow 4 to 6 hours for the paint to dry.

3. Using your nail gun, affix your trim to the wall. You will need an extra set of hands to help you hold the trim level and steady. Two to three nails per piece of trim should do the trick. If necessary, use caulk to cover the nail heads and touch up those spots with paint once the caulk is dry.

At first I thought I wanted to paint the square space inside the trim white for added depth but now that I’ve gone ahead and staged it all, I love the contrast between the clean, crisp white trim and the standing “Wheat Bread” by Behr that is currently on the walls!

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