Could Household Chores Be Ruining Your Sex Life?

more chores could mean less sex Photo: Thinkstock

Want a healthy sex life? Then you might want to hide that mop and vacuum cleaner from your man. New research suggests that couples who take on tasks that would typically be done by the other partner–in this case cleaning, which is traditionally viewed as women’s work–tend to have sex less often.

While reviewing data on how married couples handle housework, sociologists at the University of Washington in Seattle discovered that cooking and cleaning appears to be the ultimate libido killer for men. Households where the male partners do the bulk of those chores reported having sex the least. Couples reported getting busy most often in cases where the men did not do any cooking or cleaning at all.

Curiously, in marriages where husbands carried out stereotypically “male chores,” such as yard work and paying the bills, couples had sex .7 times more often than in relationships where the female partner performed those tasks.

We say both partners should pitch in around the house! But what do you think?


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