Happy Marriage, Healthy Life?

happily married couples consider themselves healthier Photo: Shutterstock

Forget the treadmill: new research suggests that the secret to a clean bill of health lies not in a pill, but in the state of your marriage.

Christine Proulx, an assistant professor at the University of Missouri, analyzed data from 707 married adults to examine the relationship between marital happiness and personal health. Results showed that blissfully happy couples are more likely to rate their health better as they get older.

“We often think about the aging process as something we can treat medically with a pill or more exercise, but working on your marriage also might benefit your health as you age,” Proulx said.

Data also suggests that at any point in a marriage, positive or negative relationships ultimately affect an individual’s health. “Engaging with your spouse is not going to cure cancer,” says Proulx. “But building stronger relationships can improve both people’s spirits and well-being and lower their stress.”

Although we’re not scientists, something tells us the best way to combine physical health and marital happiness is through frequent sex sessions. So maybe it’s best that you skip tonight’s spin class in favor of some one-on-one time with your man. Go ahead, it’s good for you (and your relationship).

How do you and your husband stay healthy together?

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