Brad & Angelina Announce Plans for a Wine Label

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie launch wine Photo: Shutterstock

We knew they were pros at er, pro-creating, but evidently America’s Sweethearts are skilled in the art of wine-making as well. The hard-working power couple announced that they will release Miraval — a vintage pink rosé — on March 15.

The  drink was created in collaboration with the wine-making Perrin family and will be the first offering from their joint label. Aside from being the brainchild of the biggest power couple in Hollywood (eh, we’ll just go out on a limb and say in the universe), the rosé will boast grapes grown right on the Jolie-Pitt’s 1,000-acre French estate.

Still not impressed? The couple worked closely to craft the organic product, helping to design the sleek bottle and black label. Both a white and red variety are in the works as well and can be expected at a later date.

Unlike most celebrity products (perfume included), we’re actually eager to get our hands on a bottle of the Jolie-Pitt’s choice drink. We’re just glad the duo went with wine and not eau de Pitt. We want to drink like Brad and Angie, not drown ourselves in the musk of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Cheers!

What do you think — would you buy their wine?

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