Organization Tip of the Day: Store Leftover Paint in Mason Jars

100 days of organization Photo: Antonis Achilleos

The only thing that’s worse than watching paint dry is finding space for all of those leftover, half-empty paint cans. To free up some space in your closet without having to throw away unused paint, try storing the remaining color in small mason jars.

How to do it:

  • Peruse a local dollar store for some simple mason jars. Make sure they’re air tight so that your paint will stay fresh.
  • Fill jars with remaining paint and get rid of those bulky metal containers.
  • Label your jars so you can keep track of each paint color. Small white stickers will do.

Expert tip: If you can’t find mason jars, try using clean jelly or pasta sauce jars. As long as their airtight seal is intact, they’re okay to use.

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