Organization Tip of the Day: Turn Old Suitcases Into a Nightstand

100 days of organization, organizing tips Photo: Mark Lund / The Nest

Instead of throwing out those old suitcases, use them for storage–and then stack them to create a nightstand. Or, re-purpose an old trunk and use it as a coffee table-storage unit for blankets and toys.

How to do it:

  • Stroll into your favorite vintage shops or weekend flea markets and find trunks (or suitcases) of varying sizes.
  • Stack in a corner or use a larger one as a coffee table or bench

Expert Tip:

If you’re using multiple trunks or suitcases, don’t worry about whether they match. Have fun and pick the ones that jump out at you. Creating a stack of varying sizes–and even topping it with a potted plant–can give an ignored corner new life.

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