Organization Tip of the Day: Tape Photos of Your Shoes to Your Shoe Boxes

100 days of organization Photo: Mark Lund

Shoe boxes are great for additional storage, yet they’re impossible to access without peeking inside to see what they hold. If you’re stashing your stilettos in boxes, you can easily keep track of each pair by labeling individual boxes. — The Nest

How to do it: Take a picture of each pair of shoes, print it, and tape onto the side of a shoebox. That way, when you’r searching high and low for those black sling backs, you’ll know exactly where they are.

Expert tip: Place the shoes that you wear most within an easily accessible range. For the shoes that aren’t in season — especially those blue suede wedges that you have yet to wear — place them on a high shelf in your closet, where they won’t get in the way.


The Nest


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