New Study Proves Sex Doesn’t Burn as Many Calories As We’d Hoped

sex burns minimal calories Photo: Veer

Hitting the gym isn’t necessarily our idea of a good time — especially when we’d much rather be catching up on Bachelor reruns, enjoying a glass of wine and numerous other zero-effort activities. But with all of the talk about calorie-burning sex moves, we assumed that getting physical in the bedroom reaped the same benefits as slaving over a StairMaster. Well, guess again.

It turns out that breaking a sweat in the sheets doesn’t actually do wonders for your shape. In fact, new research published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that the average sex session (lasting a mere 6 minutes) burns only 21 calories. That’s a far cry from previously reported numbers of 100 to 300. The research was conducted in response to 7 so-called “obesity myths” that have perpetuated our culture for years — including the idea that sex is a vigorous form of cardio.

So, if what they say is true, you and your man would need to spend an hour in the sack just to burn 210 calories alone. Looking to lose a pound (roughly 3500 cals.)? Plan on setting aside 16 hours of sexy time with your husband. That’s right…16 hours. (We don’t know about you, but we’re tired after 20 minutes.)

While the research is a tad disappointing, at least we can all shake the mentality that a half-hour sex session is the exercise equivalent of a half-marathon. The next time you want to get your heart racing, we suggest a roll in the hay — followed by a run around the block.

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