Organization Tip of the Day: Use Invisible Shelving

100 days of organization, organizing tips Photo: Nicole Gibbons

If storage space is limited in your home, maximize what you do have by working from the ground up — literally. Invisible shelving is ideal for book storage, since you can group similar items together vertically, without the hassle of installing bulky shelves.

How to do it: Place a tall bookcase with invisible floating shelves in your living room or home office. (You can find them anywhere from Amazon to The Container Store.) Your inner book worm will appreciate having a new place to put your favorite reads!

Expert tip: If you want more space and a visual aesthetic, arrange your book collection so each title is grouped with another of a similar hue. For example, you can group yellows with oranges or reds and pinks. This design trick will create depth and draw your eye to the various pops of color on your shelf


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